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The main idea behind travelling is to unwind oneself with the purity and freshness of exotic locations forgetting all the fret and fever of day-to-day life. For this it is necessary to be free from all kind of anxiety and leave the hassles of routine life into sweet oblivion. But it is always not easy to feel free from tension while you fly from one place to another solely depending on the smooth function a machine.

No sane person also can feel fully secure while carrying expensive luggage and luxurious gadgets with him. Then is there no way out to unleash oneself in a journey and take full delight of holidaying. Definitely there is a way out and that is travel insurance. You can give the responsibility of looking after you, your baggage or beloved ones to someone else if you go for insurance.

It is not the claim of a travel insurance that you and everything attached to you will be hundred per cent safe while travelling. In fact, there is no such agency or entity that can claim to have this capability. But, of course, insurance can help recover the damages done to you during your travel. Meeting physical accidents, loosing luggage, cancellation of tour in the middle, and some such other damages are covered by insurance.

Travel insurance is like a small step that ends in big profits. It takes only handful of pounds to go for it. The amount it covers is really big. However, the coverage amount is directly proportionate to the amount one pays to the insurance company. In most of the cases, the paid amount is refunded with a good amount as bonus. In case of occurrence of any damage, the person receives an amount, fairly good enough to recover the loss. Moreover, the mental peace and sense of security it provides during the journey is also really worth the amount one pays.

I typed it in?

I typed it in correctly. It’s correct on every record and reference you have for me, except for the flight.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Should I stay or should I go

We were suppose to go out of town this weekend. It is past time for my son’s appointment with the specialist. But, the weather is iffy. *Sigh* To have to cancel a trip because it might sleet isn’t a nice thing. But, this state just doesn’t handle winter-weather well and some of the roads aren't fun even without the weather. When I lived in Colorado, it wasn’t really a problem. Granted, I hated living there, but the roads weren’t a problem. But here, here is a different story. Don’t misunderstand. I am not in any way saying I miss Colorado - I don’t. What I am saying is this…

We have all been looking forward to the trip for a while. We had some fun things planned around the appointment. My children love staying in hotels. Now, because of the “wintry mix” that is suppose to come in we might not go. And I just know that if we don’t go, we’ll find out we could have gone. And if we do go, it’ll be bad. Oh - to have the weather of state all hang on one child’s doctor appointment! (ok, I know it doesn’t really hang on our appointment… it will do what it will do regardless. But anyone who has had a situation like this knows what I mean…)

What to do ~ What to do

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chaotic days… With a “Sweet” End

Well, yesterday started before I even went to bed the night before… Meaning, Sunday night I went to bed after Midnight which should have “tipped me off” as to the day head.

I would go into detail, and should now that I have your curiosity piqued. But, I’m not going to. Suffice it to say it was not a good day from the get-go. But, it wasn’t completely bad. Much was accomplished… even if I did have to drive around with a bucket in the front seat. …

Today was non-stop. After I got the children off to school, I spent the rest of the day and night driving. At least that is how it seems. I spent two-plus hours driving one way to pick up hubby. Only to turn around and drive back home. Ok, ok. We did stop for a lovely lunch at Red Lobster mid-drive-home. And we did make a few other stops to try to do something fun. However, none of that worked out. But, we ended up having a nice dinner before going to pick up the children.

I say a nice dinner, and it was, but it was also a sticky wet dinner for hubby. We went to a nice little steak house. The type where you eat peanuts and throw the shell on the floor and they have all sorts of old farm stuff on the walls. The service is almost always great there, as is their food. They serve fresh warm mini-loaves of bread with sweet honey butter. It is family friendly as well as a nice place to take a date.

After being seated, our server came to take our drink order. Hubby had his usual (sweet tea) and I had mine (water). We continue our conversation. Our server returned with our drinks and placed them on the table. The drinks are served in large glass mason jars. It fit’s the motif. Our waiter notices some tea on the table. As he lifts the glass to see… to see what? If there is a crack? To wipe up the spill? I don’t know, but he lifts the glass… the bottom of the glass stays on the table while the upper part stays in his hand. Tea and ice go EVERYWHERE! All over the table, the floor, and hubby’s lap. (I laugh as I remember this) I was quite surprised, our waiter was quite embarrassed (poor guy), and hubby was quite wet.

We weren’t mad; we were able to see the humor. The guy still received a good tip. We received free appetizers. I have my blog entry for the day. And hubby has a Valentine’s dinner he won’t soon forget.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Quite Odd

I discovered the "next blog" button a little while back. I have been nosing around in peoples "secret" thoughts and lives. It is an odd feeling to see so many private thoughts and details of lives….

In my clicking I have found some blogs that I can relate to, some that are funny, others that are informative, a couple that remind me of a friend or seem like "my kind of people", and some that are just NOT, NOT, NOT for me. I have found a few blogs that I like to visit frequently. I wonder though, what does that say about me? What makes someone return to a blog that tells about a strangers life? Will there be people who quietly return here just to see what’s been going on in my life?

The Picture - Part 2

Rocky Dog
Of course, there was always the option of just uploading it by clicking the little picture... but that would've be way too easy though....

"If there is an easy way, save it for a last resort" ~By: Enigma. 12 Feb 2006

The Picture - All that for this?

Even though I have had this blog for a while, I have only recently started using it. Therefore I am still "setting things up".

This morning, I thought I'd add a little picture to my profile. You know, the little image by a name...
I open a program on my computer, pick a picture, cut it, add a name... you know, I went through the process of making truly mine.

Then I went to my Edit Profile page. I see that a link to image is requested. Ok, I have a place to store it online... I can do this.... But then, wait... there's a " Find out how to...."
"Ok," I think to myself, "time to check this out."

Well, I follow the link. Download a ton of stuff. Try to uninstall some of it. Revert my drive. Alsmot COMPLETELY wipe it clean. Abort that. (whew!) Reboot. Delete. RE-download some of the files. Install. Sign up. Install the other. Sign up again. Go do some laundry. Tend to the children. Come back. Uninstall. Reinstall and change setting while installing. Open programs. Try to upload picture to my blog profile..................

Close programs. Go to my OTHER picture site (the one I thought of at first). Upload picture there. Place new link in my profile. Ya.... wait... what's this? Image too large? *sigh*
Go back to old program. Resize and sharpen image. Upload NEW image to old site. Get new link. Replace old link. Save.

Can it be??? Is it true??? Did it really happen??? YES! I now have a beach image with my blog name inserted in my profile. Wooo-hooo!

Now what? I have beaten my profile set-up page! What to do... oh, the new programs.
I can't have a new program and not use them. So, I open one of them. I find out how to post the picture with a comment. Good. Open the second, I see I didn't even NEED the first program. Great.

Well, at least a I got a good rant, a profile image, and a "post" with an image. I have learned the quickest way to wipe a computer clean... and that it's not so easy to get out of after a certain point. I have done laundry, tended to the children, did some "extra chores" with them... and it's just now noon.

Wonder what the rest of the day will hold.......... I think I saw something to download where I can upload directly from a word program... Maybe I'll check that out after lunch.
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Friday, February 10, 2006

The "S Word"

Today it *s-word*'ed here.

That's right, I don't like to say s-n-o-w... I have an intense dislike for snow. Aww, great! Now I've ended up saying it anyhow.... *sigh*
Oh -well...

Where was I? Ah, yes, I remember. The white stuff.... it's pretty in pictures, but it is not so pretty when I have things to do.
See, where I live, we do not get *s* very often. And when we do, it just melts and turns to ice. Everything shuts down. Very few people here know how to drive in "these conditions".
Not that we get tons of ice... Not the "chains on tires" kind of ice.. just enough to make it slick, black ice patches, and to inconvience everyone. Everyone, that is, except for the children who get to go home from school early. They, of course, love it.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


The only good thing I see about being cold is...
It makes your hot bath seem even hotter.

Work Out Video 1

Let me first say this is not self criticism....

I am a very big girl. I mean, I am literally twice the woman I use to be. I am needing to lose a good hundred pounds. I am not proud of what I have allowed myself to become, but it is what I am now.

I am still fairly flexible. Especially for a woman my age and weight.
However, I have sat on my behind a bit too much and am extremely out of shape. This is a very sad fact when I take into consideration how extremely fit I use to be… but I digress

I have finally decided to “get moving”. I have some exercise equipment that I am not ready for, and several workout videos that I am not coordinated enough for….
So, I went out and purchased 2 new videos.
Thus far, I have only used one….

Ok, now might be a good time to say that although I LOVE dancing, I am not a graceful person. I am way to……. Uptight, tense, self-aware to truly let go and dance. So, picture, if you can, a large stiff person, in her living room trying the newest (to her) work out video… called “Bellydance Fitness for Beginners”
Ok, when you stop laughing and catch your breath I’ll continue…..

Did you know you could move your arms like a snake? Neither did I.
Did you know you can isolate your ribs?!? Shoo, I am still trying to find my ribs. And some of the moves… not for the stiff at body. Yes, it was an experience. Not a routine I would do if ANYONE else was home with me.. At least not until I was … well, in a lot better shape… and they were asleep.

Now, I will say it is a good workout…. And that is just the warm up. (I have some muscle damage from long ago, and it really was tough in the arm area… but I digress, again)… It was funny, I mean, fun… I didn’t give up. I actually have done this “warm up” work out a couple of times now. One day, I hope to be able to make it into the actual workout. But, baby steps, baby steps.